Running WordPress in Kubernetes – Spreading Pods across Nodes

In a previous post, I went over details on the WHY we need to spread pods across nodes and how to achieve this. If you haven’t gotten a chance, please do read that article. In this post, I am going to apply the guidance presented there to spread WordPress Deployment pods across nodes. Deployment Spec

Spreading pods of the same deployment across nodes in Kubernetes

One of the most common mistakes that people make when increasing the number of replicas of their deployments is not checking whether their replicas are (evenly) distributed across all the nodes in their Kubernetes cluster. Most of the time, the reason why this happens is that people assume that increasing replicas means each replica will […]

Running WordPress in Kubernetes – Setting Authentication Keys and Salts

In a previous post, I covered storing WordPress content in an NFS and mounting that share to each instance of your WordPress site. Since I was running WordPress in Azure Kubernetes Service cluster, I went over how to create and upload all your WordPress content to Azure File share and then followed up with how […]

Running WordPress in Kubernetes – Mounting WP_CONTENT to NFS

Despite a lot of articles written on how to run WordPress in Kubernetes, in a previous blog post, I identified two key challenges around horizontally scaling WordPress in Kubernetes. In this post, I will cover how to solve the first challenge when running WordPress in Kubernetes: how do you ensure each replica of a WordPress […]