Programmatically Modifying and Verifying Data Sources for Paginated Reports

This blog post is a follow up to a previous blog post (Programmatically Setting and Verifying Data Source Credentials for Power BI Reports). While that blog post was focused on Power BI Reports, in this blog post, I want to explain how you can set data source credentials for Paginated Reports (via¬†/Reports(…)/DataSources) using REST API. […]

Programmatically Setting and Verifying Data Source Credentials for Power BI Reports

With the recent release of Power BI Report Server (October 2017), users are now able to consume data from a wider range of data sources in their Power BI Reports than previously possible. Unlike in the past where users could only get data via Live Connect to Analysis Services, users can now either directly import […]

Migrating Report Server Content via PowerShell

Generally, users have 2 different Report Server environments: test and production. The test environment is for designing, iterating and stabilizing new content while the production environment is for consuming that content. In the past, users used SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio to achieve this. However, with the introduction of Mobile Reports in SQL […]

Deploying Report Server Content via PowerShell

One of the most common set of operations any user performs on a new installation of SQL Server Reporting Services 2017 or Power BI Report Server (October 2017) is uploading content. Today most people do this using the Report Portal. However, this approach doesn’t yield great results when you have to deploy tens, hundreds or […]