Running WordPress in Kubernetes – Spreading Pods across Nodes

In a previous post, I went over details on the WHY we need to spread pods across nodes and how to achieve this. If you haven’t gotten a chance, please do read that article. In this post, I am going to apply the guidance presented there to spread WordPress Deployment pods across nodes. Deployment Spec

Running WordPress in Kubernetes – Setting Authentication Keys and Salts

In a previous post, I covered storing WordPress content in an NFS and mounting that share to each instance of your WordPress site. Since I was running WordPress in Azure Kubernetes Service cluster, I went over how to create and upload all your WordPress content to Azure File share and then followed up with how […]

Running WordPress in Kubernetes – Mounting WP_CONTENT to NFS

Despite a lot of articles written on how to run WordPress in Kubernetes, in a previous blog post, I identified two key challenges around horizontally scaling WordPress in Kubernetes. In this post, I will cover how to solve the first challenge when running WordPress in Kubernetes: how do you ensure each replica of a WordPress […]

Challenges with horizontally scaling a WordPress site in Kubernetes

A few weeks ago, I wanted to learn how to host WordPress in Kubernetes. If you do a simple search engine search on how to host WordPress in Kubernetes, you will find a lot of blogs and articles on how to do this. However, none of the pages I came across explain how to horizontally […]